Caregivers salaries are based off of their actual check-in and check-out times on the ShiftMed app, so it is crucial that the app is used. 

Caregivers receive a reminder 5 minutes before the shift begins to check-in, and must check-out when the shift has ended. The ShiftMed app uses GPS location to confirm that the caregiver is at the facility at the time of check-in, as well as the Nursing Supervisor's signature at the time of check-out to confirm the shift. 

When checking-out, the Caregiver will also mark whether or not a break was taken during the shift, which will be confirmed by the Nursing Supervisor's signature. 

If a Caregiver forgets to check out, they have the ability to click "Forgot to checkout." However, if a caregiver forgets to clock-in, they must contact ShiftMed as soon as possible so that the correct hours can be confirmed with the facility and the caregiver's hours can be edited.  

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