If you are calling out for a shift, even if claimed by mistake or accidentally please contact our attendance line at 1-855-868-0164 so that the facility can be notified immediately of your call out. Please wait on the line to leave a message or to have your call answered in the order it was received.

Late call outs and excessive call outs may lead to suspension or termination of your account. Call outs severely impact patient care at the facility so please ensure to review your schedule before claiming upcoming shifts.

Our attendance policy can be found at the following article and a representative should be available shortly to take your call out information down. In the meantime, you can respond with the date, shift, and facility that you are unable to work now:

Here is an article more on our policy about attendance:

****Remember that texting to call out/cancel is not a call out/cancel. Calling out right before your shift starts is a NO show. ****

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