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Using the app! 

It's important to always have your notifications turned on so that you can receive all open shifts and shift notification reminders! 

Claiming Shifts - Once available to accept work assignments, simply respond to push notifications and press claim then confirm.

Claiming shifts in the ShiftMed app

Issue with Claiming - when you get this screen, it means that your account currently is missing some credential or there has been a change to your worker status - you can chat with a representative right away at all times.

Issues with claiming a shift

Submitting Documents - Documents can be submitted by pressing chat now on claiming shifts or get help at the top of your screen.

Reminders - When you've claimed a shift - you'll get the following reminders 12hr/6hr/1hr reminders.  You can always view your schedule by swiping up on your "My Shifts".  At the 1 Hr reminder - you need to indicate if you're on the way or running late within 30 minutes of the shift or we'll contact you. 

12 HR

6 HR

1 HR - need to check if you're on the way or running late! 

Checking In & Out 

Each shift is available to check-in at least 5 minutes before the shift start and you'll receive a reminder to check-in.

When working - make sure to track if you took your break or not and always get the nursing supervisors signature when checking-out!  

Getting Help - pressing Get Help on the top of your screen will get you a live representative whom will typically respond in 24 hours. 

Reviewing Schedule - Swiping up on your app to review your upcoming schedule or seeing past shifts!

Notifications - Turning on notifications on and off.

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