COVID-19 Vaccine
What you need to do to get the COVID-19 Vaccine and How it will be administered?
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The long awaited COVID-19 vaccine is here. On recent webinars with CVS and Walgreens, Nancy Losben reminded us of the history of vaccinations and their impact in nursing homes. We look forward to the day when COVID-19 will be in the same category as polio, smallpox, and whooping cough. We are asking and encouraging all employees to let the success of previous vaccines guide us all toward protecting each other from COVID-19.

The vaccine rollout will commence as early as this week and to prepare for the administration of this vaccine, we have updated the ShiftMed App to include two new credentials. You can now upload first and second dose documentation of your COVID-19 vaccine as well as any insurance cards that you have (Medical, Prescription, or Medical and Benefits). This will aide ShiftMed employees in being able to procure a COVID-19 vaccine as well as submit completed documentation so that they may be able to continue to work should certain facilities make it mandatory.

The rollout process for all nursing home is the following. Each nursing home will be having either CVS or Walgreens administer the vaccine at three clinic dates spaced either 21 or 28 days apart depending on which vaccine is being administered. The first clinic will be in December with the last one being in February. Each employee will need to attend either the first and second or second and third dates.

ShiftMed is collecting all of the vaccine dates and times for each of its partners in the following article:

To be registered for the vaccine on these dates and times, ShiftMed employees will need to complete some documentation from CVS and Walgreens. First, each employee will be sent a consent form to complete. This consent form covers all of your demographic information including medical, prescription, or medical and benefits information. It will also include a short survey for the administration of the vaccine that immunizers will complete to ensure you stay safe. Second, CVS and Walgreens are asking for copies of insurance cards to help pay for the administration of the vaccine. While the cost of the vaccine itself is covered by the federal government, the administration of the vaccine is not. CVS and Walgreens will be billing insurers for the difference. However, if you do not have medical insurance the cost of the administration will be covered by the Health Resources and Service Administration (HRSA). All of this documentation will be sent from ShiftMed to the ShiftMed Client Facility Partners to ensure that you are able to be vaccinated.

ShiftMed will ensure to continually remind it's employees of upcoming vaccination dates and asks that as you complete your vaccination, the documentation is uploaded through the ShiftMed App.

ShiftMed has also put together multiple resources to help with education regarding the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine which can be found in the below article:

If you have documentation or insurance cards to upload in the ShiftMed App, click here to complete.

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