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How to work in PA as a CNA if you do not live in PA
How to work in PA as a CNA if you do not live in PA

Can I work as a CNA in PA if I do not live in PA?

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If you are a CNA but do not live in Pennsylvania, but see shifts for facilities in Pennsylvania that you would like to claim, below you will find information on the additional credentials that are needed.

  • Pennsylvania Professional License - If you already have a Pennsylvania CNA then please upload a copy of your license in the app under Physical License. If you have a CNA in another state and you want to transfer it to Pennsylvania use the document attached or use the following link.

  • 2-Step PPD - Many facilities in Maryland only require a 1-Step PPD, however all of our partner facilities in Pennsylvania require a , 2-step PPD or TB blood test such as a QuantiFERON Gold or T-Spot blood test (completed within the last year) or chest x-ray (completed within the last five years)

  • FBI Background Check - For anyone that does not have a 2-year residency in the state of Pennsylvania you need to have an FBI Background Check completed through the Pennsylvania Department of Aging. Here are the steps to get the FBI Background Check.
    *Go to the following website: *Search for the box that states the following "Enter your Service Code to get started.", Enter "1KG8RJ"
    *Select Schedule or Manage Appointment, enter your information. *Facility ID: Enter "14623" *Cost: $23.85

If you have any questions on this process you can reach out to us using the Get Help feature in the app or by sending an email to

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