Thank you for your interest in ShiftMed. Here is a Checklist of requirements for CNAs that are interested in working through ShiftMed in this area.

Please NOTE that you must have an Active CNA Certification through the state of Illinois.

Required Credentials:

Documents that must be uploaded into the ShiftMed App before you can start claiming shift:

  • Physical (completed within the last year)

  • 1-step PPD, 2-step PPD or TB Blood Test (completed within the last year) or Chest X-Ray (completed within the last 5 years)

  • Identification - Requires Passport, if not Passport, then requires Driver’s License or Photo ID AND Social Security Card to complete I9 Verification

  • I-9 (Before completing be sure your Identification documents have been uploaded into the app) -

  • CPR

  • Get 2 References - must be supervisors - please enter their mobile number into the app

  • COVID-19 Vaccine - once you receive the Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson Vaccine please upload a copy of the documentation

  • Training Manual - completed directly within the app using the tab to sign feature

  • Company Handbook - completed directly within the app using the tab to sign feature

Additional Credentials:

Please note that these are NOT required for you to be hired by ShiftMed. These are special requirements that some of our partner facilities require:

  • CMMS COVID-19 Training Certificate - if you have completed this training upload a copy of your certificate Click Here to learn more about how to get this certificate

  • COVID-19 Test - upload your most current negative COVID-19 test result (Please note that partner facilities with the clipboard symbol in-front of their name in the app - may have COVID-19 testing at their facility)

  • Health Insurance Card - to have on file for the COVID-19 Vaccine

  • Flu Shot - about 50% of our partner facilities in the area do require a flu shot during flu season

Forms To Complete:

  • Complete the IL Background Check Authorization - this will be emailed to you once you have uploaded your Annual Physical, TB Test, and ID.

Items that ShiftMed will Verify:

  • If CNA, Active CNA on the IDPH Registry and clear on all of the registry checks

Upload your credentials in the ShiftMed app.

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