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Ohio BG Check Process

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Please note: Due to COVID-19, background checks are taking longer to process than normal. As a measure to control COVID-19's spread many courthouses have been closed, which delays access to information needed to complete some checks resulting in longer processing times.

We at ShiftMed appreciate your patience during this time and will update you throughout your background check processing.

For all Ohio Healthcare Professionals (STNA, LPN, RN) joining the ShiftMed team, see below for steps to complete your background check.

BG Check Steps:

  1. Once your TB Test, Annual Physical, Identification, and Professional License credentials are all verified by ShiftMed’s credentialing team, you will then be invited to complete your Background Check.

  2. You will receive an email invitation from ShiftMed with information the BCI Background Check with a required form to complete.

    1. You can search your inbox for the subject line: Signature requested on " ShiftMed Fast Fingerprint Background Check". See below for a picture of the email.

  3. You must complete this form in order to continue your Background Check process.

  4. For information on how to schedule the BCI fingerprint appointment, click here.

    1. Save the receipt from your 1st fingerprinting appointment - you will need to send us the receipt by emailing it to bg@shiftmed.com or tapping ‘Get Help’ in the ShiftMed app.

    2. Once this receipt is submitted to ShiftMed, you may be allowed to start working conditionally while we wait for the Background Check to be processed.

  5. If the HealthCare professional has already completed a BCI Background Check recently for another company they do not need to complete another background check.

    1. For more information on this process, click here.

BG Check Email:

Fast fingerprint background check email

Note: The ShiftMed app will notify you right away when you are available to start working.

Should you have any further questions, please tap 'Get Help' in the ShiftMed app to start a chat with our support team.

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