Please Note: Due to COVID-19, background checks are taking longer to process than normal. Many courthouses have been closed to control the spread of COVID-19, which delays access to the information needed to complete some checks, resulting in longer processing times. We appreciate your patience during this time and will update you throughout your background check processing.

For all Nevada healthcare professionals (CNAs, LPNs, and RNs) joining the ShiftMed team, here are the steps to complete your background check:

  1. Once your professional license, TB test, annual physical, government-issued identification, and I-9 credentials are all verified by our credentialing team, you'll be invited to complete your background check.

  2. In the 'My Credentials' section of the app, you'll see that your background check is listed as 'missing.' Select the 'Background Check' option and follow the prompts on the screen.

  3. You must complete a form in the app to continue with the background check process. After the form is completed, ShiftMed will initiate your background check through the Nevada Automated Background Check System (NABS).

  4. Once we receive your results from NABS, your profile will be updated with the results to complete your background check credential.

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