COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters can be uploaded into the ShiftMed App.

If you have a COVID-19 booster vaccine card that you would like to upload into the app go to the My Credentials page and scroll down to the "COVID-19 Vaccine Card" option. Select this option, and then for the "Choose vaccine type" you will need to select Pfizer 3 if you received a Pfizer Booster Shot and select Moderna 3 if you received a Moderna Booster Shot. And, then you will need to upload a picture of your updated COVID-19 Vaccine Card. Please be sure that the screenshots that you upload include all of the doses of your COVID-19 Vaccine. You may need to upload a screenshot of both the front and the back of your card. In this case after you upload a picture of the front of the vaccine card, select the button "Add Picture" and then upload a picture of the back of the vaccine card.

My Credentials --> COVID-19 Vaccine Card --> Pfizer 3 or Moderna 3

(Be sure to upload your full COVID-19 Vaccine Card)


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