Credentialing Requirements

Once you have downloaded the app and have answered the initial questions you will start the Credentialing Process.

First you will be sent a short safety assessment. The assessment will be twenty-six questions and you have to get 19/26 correct (70%) to pass. You have three attempts to take this quiz and it shows you what you got wrong at the end of reach attempt to help with training.

Once you have passed the safety assessment the app will now allow you to upload your credentials directly in the app.  

Your core credentials include: Annual Physical, TB Test, and ID.  Before trying to upload your core credentials into the app you will want to take pictures of your credentials with your phone that has the app loaded.

Once you submit your Annual Physical, TB Test and ID, you will be able to upload any other the other state specific credentials.

To find out more information on the state specific credentialing requirements based on where you want to work please use the link below.

If you have questions about the Credentialing Process please reach out us using the Get Help feature in the app or email us at

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