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Will I receive a N95 Mask?
Will I receive a N95 Mask?

PPE requirements and expectations at each facility

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ShiftMed is working with each partner to ensure that you have the proper PPE at each facility and that it is a safe environment to work.  Upon arrival to work at each facility, you can expect the following here, which includes receiving a surgical mask, gown, and gloves to wear before entering any unit or hall to limit exposure.  

As apart of your assignments, should you need to come into contact with an "exposed" or suspected patient then you will be swapped a surgical mask for N95 mask to further protect yourself.

If you arrive at a facility and they do not have the proper PPE - please call us at 1-855-868-0164 or press the 'Get Help' button in your app so that we can reach out to the facility to get the correct PPE. 

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