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Do I need to get a flu shot?

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Flu season admidst COVID-19 will present unique challenges for the healthcare community. Now is an important time of year for ShiftMed workers and partnering facilities to prepare.

Effective 11/1/2020, a large portion of our partner facilities will require a current Flu Shot uploaded to your credentials page in order for you to claim and work shifts.

To Find CVS MinuteClinics offering flu shots, click here.

To Find a Walgreens Pharmacy offering flu shots, click here.

How can I upload my Flu Shot?

Instructions on uploading Flu Shot

How can I upload my Flu Shot video?

Upload your credentials in the ShiftMed app.

If you are not able to get a flu shot due to religious beliefs or allergies, please reach out to us via Get Help or by sending an email to ShiftMedCreds@shiftmed.com and we can email you a Flu Shot Declination form.

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