Please note: Due to COVID-19, background checks are taking longer to process than normal. As a measure to control COVID-19's spread many courthouses have been closed, which delays access to information needed to complete some checks resulting in longer processing times.

We at ShiftMed appreciate your patience during this time and will update you throughout your background check processing.

For all Arizona Healthcare Professionals (Certified Caregiver, CNA, LPN/LVN, RN) joining the ShiftMed team, see below for steps to complete your background check.

Background Check Steps:

  1. In the ‘My Credentials’ section of the ShiftMed App, tap on Background Check Missing.

  2. You will then be prompted to enter your FingerPrint Clearance Card or Application Status from the State of AZ (pictured below).

  3. Once you submit this information in the app, our credentialing team will verify it against the Arizona Department of Public Safety clearance card website.

  4. If your information is verified, your profile will be updated with this information, and depending on where you are in the onboarding process, you will either a) continue your credentialing process or b) be available to start working.

    1. Note: The ShiftMed app will notify you right away when you are available to start working.

Should you have any further questions, please tap 'Get Help' in the ShiftMed app to start a chat with our support team.

If you do not have an Arizona Fingerprint Clearance Card - click here to learn how to get one.

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