Arizona Fingerprint Clearance Card Instructions (HCPs that want to create an account)

1. Visit to create an account. Click “Login/Sign Up at the top right corner to create an account

2. After creating an account and logging in, go to this website:

Applicants can now utilize the Public Service Portal (PSP) to apply for a Fingerprint Clearance Card (FCC).

3.Click “Apply for a card”

4.Click “Apply for a fingerprint clearance card”

5.Click “Continue” on the “Fingerprint clearance card” button

6.Click “Request a replacement/ Apply for card” and then click “continue

7.Click the “Apply for new clearance card” option

8.On the “Do you require an IVP Clearance Card?” Click “Non-IVP” option

9. You will be routed to the “Privacy Act statement” page. Read the statement, scroll down, and click continue

10.On the “Reason(s) for Applying” page choose “DHS - Residential or Nursing Care Institutions; Home Health Agencies - Employees and Volunteers ARS § 36-41” then scroll down

11. On the “Is the person an employee or volunteer? * ”question choose “employee” and click “continue”

12. On the “Applicant Information” page enter in your information as required

13. On the “Employment Information '' section, you don’t have to enter anything. You can leave it blank. Scroll down and click “continue”

14. On the “signature” page, select your fingerprint method. Scroll to the “applicant signature” section and check the box for authorization. Then type your full name in the signature section. Click “continue”

15. On the “Review Fingerprint Clearance Card Application (non-IVP)”, review all your information to assure that it is correct. Scroll down and click “Continue to my order”

16. On the “My order “ page, click “Submit and Pay by credit card” and check “I am not a robot”

17. An “order Acknowledgement” message will pop up. Click to check both boxes and select “Continue to Pay”

18. On the “Payment information” page, you will input your payment information details and click “continue” to submit payment.

19. After submitting payment, please follow the instructions for your next steps to get fingerprinted. Go to the message center on your account and follow the instructions to get your fingerprints taken.

For more information please contact AZDPS at (602) 223-2279 or visit:

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