If you are already a ShiftMed employee and have an expired Annual Physical please check your email for an Annual Physical Renewal Agreement.

This agreement, if read and signed, may be able extend your current Annual Physical. The email will come from ShiftMed Agreements and the subject will be "Annual Physical Renewal Agreement."

There are three questions that will need to be answered:

1) Have there been any changes in your health since the date of your last physical or annual self-health assessment that would prohibit you from performing the essential functions of your job?

2) Is there anything in your current health status that puts you or the consumer at risk?

3) Are you addicted to or habitually uses depressants, stimulants, narcotics, alcohol, hallucinogenic or other drugs?

If you cannot find the email, please reach out to us by using the "Get Help" option in the app or you can email us at shiftmedcreds@shiftmed.com.

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