ShiftMed is checking-in with each of it's facilities on a daily basis to see if the facility has been "exposed" to COVID-19.  If we find that a facility has been "exposed" to COVID-19 we are taking the following steps:

  • Doing our best to track down the level of exposure and level of risk for all ShiftMed employee who might have been working during an exposure period

  • If we find that a ShiftMed employee was exposed or at risk of COVID-19 during this time, we will be placing them on a 72 hour medical suspension to evaluate if they develop symptoms.  Consult a medical professional first.  We will be checking-in with employees during this time to monitor symptoms.  If you do not develop symptoms, you are eligible to return to work with wearing a surgical mask at all times for the next 7 days.  Should you develop symptoms, you will be on medical suspension until you have 3 days of no symptoms and it has been a least 7 days since symptoms first appeared.

  • All medical suspension scenarios are covered in the following article - here. 

The diligence of the above, our COVID-19 training, symptom questionnaires for ShiftMed employees has been built in accordance with CDC guidelines and local health officials listed here

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