COVID-19 Testing

Do I need to get tested? And where can I get tested? How frequently?

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ShiftMed and ShiftMed Partners are collectively working together to ensure that all ShiftMed employees are in accordance with state and local testing requirements. Facilities offering testing to care providers are indicated in the ShiftMed App with the below icon:

Tests for COVID-19 selection button

How Frequently Should I Be Tested?

Every ShiftMed employee should have baseline testing on their profile for their respective state. Currently, there is no official regulation for COVID-19 testing at the federal level, and various states have begun to release minimum baseline testing requirements for nursing home staff. At ShiftMed, we are following this regulation closely and expect the below testing requirements to be federally approved shortly.

Covid testing frequency chart

At a minimum, ShiftMed employees should upload testing results within the past month. If regularly working at a community, expect to be tested on a bi-weekly basis. If an outbreak has occurred, including an asymptomatic positive reading at facility, you should except weekly testing until there are no longer any positive COVID cases. The ShiftMed App will help you to manage this information so it is very important that as you are getting test results, you are uploading them into the App - here.

Please continue to monitor and listen to your local and state's guidelines which ShiftMed will update as new information is made available.

**COVID-19 Testing Results in the past month are required for Guaranteed Shifts - here.

How to locate a COVID-19 Testing Center?

The ShiftMed app provides lots of resources for finding testing centers nearby in addition to facilities that are currently offering testing to ShiftMed employees. If receiving or expecting a test at your upcoming shift, ensure to arrive 30 minutes early for testing.

All testing centers near you - here

CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens have all helped make free COVID-19 testing accessible.

To Find CVS locations offering free COVID-19 testing, click here.

To Find Rite Aide locations offering free COVID-19 testing, click here.

To Find Walgreens locations offering free COVID-19 testing, click here.

Baltimore, MD - to see some other resources from the state of Maryland, click here.

Baltimore, MD - for a searchable site to locate other COVID-19 testing locations, click here.

Philadelphia, PA - for a searchable site to find other COVID-19 testing locations, click here.

Philadelphia, PA - Penn Medicine is also providing no-cost COVID tests to patients with symptoms at three locations. No co-pays or deductibles will be charged, and uninsured patients will be able to be tested for free at these sites, click here.

Cleveland and Cinncinati, OH - for an interactive map to find other COVID-19 testing near you, click here.

ShiftMed will not pay or reimburse for testing - however, most testing locations are offering the service to healthcare professionals for free. We have also found other clinics with free testing solutions listed - here.

How can I upload my COVID-19 Test?

Instructions on uploading Covid Test

All testing results can be added in the ShiftMed app.

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