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How do I update my tax withholdings?

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When you work for ShiftMed, you are a W-2 employee, which means you must have a W-4 Form on file with us. What is a W-4? It is an IRS document that you complete, and we use it to determine the amount of federal taxes we should withhold from your check.

You can update your W-4 Form in the ShiftMed app at any time. You'll find it in the Banking & Taxes section of the app. If you've never updated your W-4, the app will direct you to our W-2 information.

W-4 Tax form in the ShiftMed app

Before you can access and update your form, you must complete a verification process. We send you a verification code via text or a phone call. You have 20 minutes to enter the code before the session expires.

Once you enter the verification code, you have 20 minutes to update your W-4 Form before the session expires. If you aren't sure what to list for your withholdings and deductions, please consult a tax professional. You can also download this IRS form that provides detailed W-4 information and calculation sheets.

If you select BLOCKED under the extra withholding section, it means you don't want us to withhold federal taxes from your pay. For this to happen, you must download, complete, and sign a W-4 Form. Next, you need to email the form to shiftmedpayroll@shiftmed.com. Once we receive and process your form, which can take three to five days, it will take two pay cycles for the changes to reflect on your paycheck.

When you save your W-4 changes, you'll be prompted to read a disclosure. When you tap the save and submit button, you're providing us with your verified digital signature to make these changes.

Details to Remember:

  • You must use the ShiftMed app to make changes to your W-4 Form.

  • Do not use Paylocity to update your W-4 as these edits will not reflect in the app.

  • We are unable to provide advice on how to complete your W-4 Form.

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