Welcome to ShiftMed! ShiftMed receives thousands of open shift requests from facilities near you and posts them directly to the ShiftMed App.  ShiftMed employees like yourself utilize ShiftMed to have shifts brought to them, schedule shifts that work for them, and try out local facilities while meeting other healthcare professionals in your area. 

By becoming a healthcare professional with ShiftMed, you will have access to claim hundreds of shift in your area - wherever and whenever is best for you! ShiftMed employees love using the ShiftMed App to find work because we offer the following:

Choice - Work at the shift rates that you want to and choose the providers that you like working with the best!  When it's best for you!
Control - With higher earning potential and flexibility to make the schedule you want around our open shifts - professionals enjoy greater stability and flexibility!
Convenience - Shifts brought to you! Employees receive instant notifications when new shifts are posted, and can scroll through the shift feed to claim open shifts with a click. They can also view their schedule and upcoming pay, as well as chat in the app.

Some employees work part-time earning over $500 extra a month through ShiftMed while others working full-time earning well over $2K per month.  Our shift rates are always 25 - 30% higher than the market average for CNA, STNA, GNA, LPN, and RN.  

Working as an employee (rules to claim by!)

Quality is a focus of ShiftMed and when we cancel last minute, don't show up, or arrive late, we might lose opportunities for other employees and lose community partners.  It is important that we be mindful and aware of how our actions have an impact on the people around us.

To hold ourselves accountable, below are some guidelines you should consider when planning your shifts. 

All call outs must be made at least 6 hours in advance of your shift by contacting the call out line at 1-855-868-0164.  Any call out that is less than 6 hours before the shift will be considered a Late Cancellation.

Disciplinary Actions

1st No Call/No Show = DNR from that facility

1st No Call/No Show for a Guaranteed Shift = Termination

3rd No Call/No Show/ 3 DNRs = Termination

1st Late Cancellation = Warning

2nd Late Cancellation in a 7-day period = 7-day suspension

Excessive Late Cancellations = Termination

1st Walk Out = DNR from that facility and 7-day suspension

2+ Fraudulent check-ins in a 2-week period = 7-day suspension

Found Sleeping while working (and NOT on a scheduled break) = 7-day suspension

So, you won't be able to work your shift or are running late, now what?

When things happen there's a few things you can do as a professional to make the process go as smoothly as possible for yourself and out facility partners.

  1. As soon as you've made the decision to call out for your scheduled shift or realize you're running late please give us a call at 855-868-0164.

  2. To avoid a Late Cancellation please give us at least 6 hours advance notice. This helps us find a replacement to fill your shift.

  3. If you're just running late we still want to hear from you as we will reach out to the facility to let them know you're on the way.

  4. Occasionally there will be higher than normal call volume so it could take us several minutes before we're able to answer your call. Please be patient and give us time to get to your call. If you hang up before we answer and call back, you will go to the end of the line.

Arriving late to a shift 

You will not be paid until you officially clock in and start your shift.  Clocking in more than 30 minutes qualifies as an excessive tardiness.  More than 2 excessive tardiness within a 14 day period will result in a 7 day suspending where ability to claim new shifts will be restricted and upcoming schedules will be cancelled.

**Please note that arriving late for a Guaranteed Shift will forfeit the guarantee of getting paid for the shift if the facility decides to send you home.

Any excessive tardiness after being suspended will be automatic termination. 

Fraudulent Check-Ins

Every check-in is monitored by ShiftMed with your location from the community partner.  More than 2 fraudulent check-ins within a 2 week period defined as checking-in more than a mile away from the community partner will result in a 7 day suspension where ability to claim new shifts will be restricted and upcoming schedule will be cancelled.

Any excessive cancellation after being suspended will be automatic termination. 


We understand that some community partners may not have all of the supplies that you're looking for or change in assignments may happen frequently but it's unacceptable to walk-out of a community partner without expressed permission from Nursing Supervisor.  Any walk-out is considered Job Abandonment and will be automatic termination from ShiftMed. Your ability to claim new shifts will be deactivated and your upcoming schedule will be cancelled. 

If you're having an issue at community partner, please contact the call out line right away and a representative from ShiftMed will be in touch right away.

New Hire Orientations

Please attend one of our Live (online) New Hire Orientations. This is offered weekly.

Working Expectations 

We expect our employees to complete the tasks that the staff of our community partners expect from their staff and they should complete all necessary care plans.  In addition to completing basic job requirements, we expect the following: 

  1. Refrain from cell phone use

  2. Remember to complete your charting 

  3. Remember to wear scrubs 

  4. Remember to wear your name badge

  5. Remember to check-in at the facility time clock 

  6. Remember to check-out at the facility time clock 

  7. Remember to check-in on your app and check out with a nursing supervisor signature 

  8. Give high quality care to residents that is provided in a safe manner

  9. Protect the residents' rights

  10. Conduct yourself in a professional manner, always

Communicating with Facility Schedulers 

Please refrain from communicating about upcoming schedule with our community partners scheduling team.  Your upcoming shifts are always in the ShiftMed app.

Issue at Community Partner 

Should you have any issue with a community or specific individual/resident working at these facilities please contact the Call Out hot line at 1-855-868-0164.

Shift Reminders

ShiftMed will NOT call you to remind you about your shifts. However, you will receive reminder notifications from the app at 12 hour, 6 hour, and 1 hour prior to your scheduled shift. We need communication from you. At your 1 hour reminder notification please indicate if you are ON TIME or RUNNING LATE. (Be sure that you have notifications turned on for the ShiftMed app.)

Arriving at Facilities 

When arriving for your shifts always ask for a nursing supervisor or facility scheduler to let them know you're from ShiftMed and they'll assign you to work.

Shift Rates

ShiftMed doesn't have any base rates.  The rate will vary dependent on the day of the week, facility, shift time, etc.  Which is why they can always vary.  On average, we pay at least 25% more than a typical nursing home shift rates.  We understand this may fluctuate and you have the freedom to choose the rate that you’re looking for! If you have a question about a rate please ask us, do NOT talk to the facility about the rates.

Using the app! 

It's important to always have your notifications turned on so that you can receive all open shifts and shift notification reminders! 

Claiming Shifts - Once available to accept work assignments, simply respond to push notifications and press claim then confirm.

Issue with Claiming - when you get this screen, it means that your account currently is missing some credential or there has been a change to your worker status - you can chat with a representative right away at all times.

Submitting Documents - Documents can be submitted by pressing chat now on claiming shifts or get help at the top of your screen.

Reminders - When you've claimed a shift - you'll get the following reminders 12hr/6hr/1hr reminders.  You can always view your schedule by swiping up on your "My Shifts".  At the 1 Hr reminder - you need to indicate if you're on the way or running late within 30 minutes of the shift or we'll contact you. 

12 HR

6 HR

1 HR - need to check if you're on the way or running late! 

Checking In & Out 

Each shift is available to check-in at least 5 minutes before the shift start and you'll receive a reminder to check-in.

When working - make sure to track if you took your break or not and always get the nursing supervisors signature when checking-out!  

Getting Help - pressing Get Help on the top of your screen will get you a live representative whom will typically respond in 24 hours. 


Your first pay check be paper if you do not get your direct deposit information entered into the app by Wed Noon EST of the pay week. If you will get a paper check it will be mailed on the Friday after your first week of working. We will use the address that you entered into the app when you applied unless you have asked us to use a different address.   To enter your direct deposit information select the 3 white lines at the bottom right-hand corner of the app. You will then be able to enter your direct deposit information right there in the app by selecting the option "Direct Deposit". We use Paylocity to manage payroll.

Pay Dates - Our employees are paid weekly on Fridays for the previous pay period worked. Each pay period starts on Saturday and ends on Friday.  Pay schedule for review here.

Cancellations Community Partners 

In per-diem staffing, census and scheduling changes are constant which means infrequently our community partner will no longer need a certain shift.  ShiftMed makes a commitment to always let you know of any cancellation at least 24 hours in advance.  When receiving a cancellation, you'll be freed up to select another shift at a community partner or still be available to receive last minute shift requests.  Last minute shift requests almost always have a bonus so you'll end up earning more with that flexibility! If a cancellation is received inside 24 hours, ShiftMed's staffing team will always do its best to find another community partner to place you at so that your hours aren't impacted. 

Name Badges 

Name badges will be mailed to your home address within 2 weeks of claiming your first shift.  Below are the ShiftMed Name Badges -  (DUE TO COVID this is currently on hold.)

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