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ShiftMed Instant Pay™: Everything You Need to Know
ShiftMed Instant Pay™: Everything You Need to Know

How to access your earnings whenever and wherever you want.

Written by Sarah Knight
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ShiftMed Instant Pay™ is a free perk that lets you access up to 75% of your pre-tax earnings immediately after clocking out of a shift. All you do is go into the ShiftMed app and request the money you need, and we'll deposit your pay directly into your bank account with ZERO transaction fees.

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ShiftMed healthcare professionals with active wage garnishments will not be eligible to use ShiftMed Instant Pay or Next Day Pay®.

Instant Pay Requirements

Before you can use Instant Pay, you must set up your direct deposit in the ShiftMed app using your checking account information. Savings accounts are not eligible for Instant Pay.

Once your information is in the app, we must verify the information with your bank, which can take up to 2 to 3 business days to complete.

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Your bank must be part of the Real-Time Payment (RTP®) network to utilize Instant Pay. You'll find a long list of banks participating in this network, including Bank of America, BMO, Citibank, Fifth Third, HSBC, JPMorgan Chase, PNC Bank, Regions, and Wells Fargo.

If your bank doesn't participate in the RTP network, the Instant Pay option won't display in the app. But don't worry; you can access up to 75% of your pre-tax earnings before payday using our free Next Day Pay® option.

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Instant Pay Access

If Instant Pay is not working, you will still receive your paycheck on your regularly scheduled pay date for that work week

You must clock in and out and obtain a nursing supervisor's signature in the ShiftMed app to qualify for Instant Pay. You must also clock out of your shift within 120 minutes of its end time. Once you submit your withdrawal amount, you can't undo the request.

Take Note: We use GPS to confirm your location when clocking in and out of a shift. So, please be aware that poor cell service or cell tower issues could impact your ability to access Instant Pay. Please connect to the facility's wifi to avoid this issue!

Instant Pay is not guaranteed. Below are situations where it's inaccessible.

  • Cancelled Guaranteed Shifts®

  • Late Shift Cancellations

  • Sent Home Early Shifts

  • Orientation Shifts

  • Employees subject to wage garnishments

  • Friday overnight shifts where clock out occurs on Saturday

  • Working more than 2-hours past your shift's scheduled end time

Instant Pay FAQs

Why can I only access up to 75% of my pay?

By withholding 25%, you can pay your required payroll taxes (federal income tax, social security tax, Medicare tax, etc.) After paying your taxes, you'll receive any leftover funds on the scheduled weekly payday.

Can I request Instant Pay on Holidays?

Yes, you can request and receive immediate payment 365 days a year. However, Instant Pay is unavailable for Friday overnight shifts, where clock-out occurs on Saturday.


If you have additional questions about Instant Pay, start a chat with us in the ShiftMed app by going to Menu > Help Center > Help Articles & Chat > Messages > Send Us A Message!

We also suggest checking out our fun "When Do I Get Paid" interactive experience.

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