There are a couple of options available for when you can get paid.

1) Weekly

2) Next Day Pay


Our employees are paid weekly on Fridays for the previous pay period worked. Each pay period starts on Saturday and ends on Friday. Please note that if you have not entered your direct deposit information into Paylocity then you will receive a paper check until you do so. Paper checks are mailed each Friday morning. You will get you check sometime after that. Also make sure the address listed in your APP is correct since that is where we will be mailing your checks.  

The follow are our pay periods and pay dates from March 2021 through July 2021:

August 2021

Pay Period: 8-7-21 - 8/13/21: Pay Date: 8/20/21

Pay Period: 8/14/21 - 8/20/21: Pay Date: 8/27/21

Pay Period: 8/21/21 - 8/27/21: Pay Date: 9/3/21

Pay Period: 8/28/21 - 9/3/21: Pay Date: 9/10/21

September 2021

Pay Period: 9/4/21 - 9/10/21: Pay Date: 9/17/21

Pay Period: 9/11/21 - 9/17/21: Pay Date: 9/24/21

Pay Period: 9/18/21 - 9/24/21: Pay Date: 10/1/21

Pay Period: 9/25/21 - 10/1/21: Pay Date: 10/8/21

October 2021

Pay Period: 10/2/21 - 10/8/21: Pay Date: 10/15/21

Pay Period: 10/9/21 - 10/15/21: Pay Date: 10/22/21

Pay Period: 10/16/21 - 10/22/21: Pay Date: 10/29/21

Pay Period: 10/23/21 - 10/29/21: Pay Date: 11/5/21

Next Day Pay:

No more waiting around for Friday, payday is now whenever you need it to be!

With Next Day Pay TM, you can work a shift and receive 50% of your gross earnings within 24 hours of your withdrawal request. ShiftMed will even transfer these payments directly to your bank account - completely free of charge!

How does it work? After you work a shift, your gross earnings will be updated in the ShiftMed app. If your shifts are eligible for Next Day Pay TM, you’ll be able to withdrawal up to 50% of your wages. So, say you earned $300 on your last shift, you’d be able to withdraw up to $150.

Ready to get started? Go to the ShiftMed app, open the side menu, press "Next Day Pay", and follow the onscreen instructions to start using Next Day Pay TM.

Click here to learn more information on Next Day Pay TM.

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