Guaranteed Shifts® are an exclusive ShiftMed perk. When you claim a Guaranteed Shift, it means we’ll pay you in full if the facility cancels the shift.

Keep in mind that not every shift in our app is Guaranteed.


  • You cannot claim a Guaranteed Shift if you’re a current employee at the facility.

  • Facilities have the right to decline former employees for Guaranteed Shifts.

  • You must have the credentials required by the facility.

  • You must pass an initial COVID screening or COVID test, if required.


  • If you arrive more than 15 minutes late to a Guaranteed Shift, you forfeit the guarantee of getting paid if the facility sends you home.

  • If you act unprofessionally or do not complete assigned tasks during a shift, the facility has the right to remove you from upcoming Guaranteed Shifts at their location.

  • If you’ve been suspended or have a do not return (DNR) status at a facility, we’ll cancel any upcoming Guaranteed Shifts you have scheduled, and you will not receive guaranteed pay.

If you have questions about our Guaranteed Shifts, please contact us at (800) 485-9002 or tap ˈGet Helpˈ in the app to start a chat.

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