You can now cancel or call out of shifts directly in the ShiftMed app! We understand that sometimes life happens and you need to make changes to your upcoming schedule at a moment's notice. With in-app cancelations, you no longer need to call the helpline or wait to speak with a ShiftMed staffer to call out of a shift – you’re in more control than ever!

If you need to make changes to your schedule, navigate to your upcoming shift within the ShiftMed app by swiping up on the My Shifts option. From the shift screen, select the More Options button. From here, you can either cancel your shift or call out. Select the reason for your cancelation or call out, confirm, and you’re done!

  • A shift cancelation occurs more than 24 hours before a shift’s start time. Shift cancelations can be made without penalty.

  • A shift call out occurs within 24 hours or less before a shift’s start time and is considered an attendance policy violation.

All cancelations must be made at least 24 hours in advance of your shift through the app’s shift cancelation feature. Any cancelation that is less than 24 hours before the shift will be counted as a call out. Please note that call outs are in violation of ShiftMed’s attendance policy and repeated violations can result in disciplinary action.

Call outs, and especially excessive call outs, may lead to suspension or termination of your account. Call outs severely impact patient care at the facility, so please remember to carefully review your schedule before claiming upcoming shifts.

Learn more about ShiftMed’s attendance policies:

Remember that texting to call out/cancel is not a call out/cancel. Calling out right before your shift starts is considered a no-show.

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