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Resources to find COVID-19 Vaccines
Resources to find COVID-19 Vaccines

Where can I get my COVID-19 Vaccines?

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While ShiftMed is not requiring our employees to get the COVID-19 Vaccine, we do want to ensure we provide resources to assist those who want to get vaccinated. We’ve curated a list of businesses offering the vaccine for those looking to make an appointment plus COVID-19 resources specific to your area for your convenience.

Note: That some of our partner facilities are no longer requiring COVID-19 testing for fully vaccinated Health Care Professionals.

Here are some National Websites that are offering COVID-19 Vaccines:

Walgreens: click here

Rite Aid: click here

Walmart: click here

Costco: click here

Kroger: click here

Safeway: click here

Publix Pharmacy: click here

Ingles Pharmacy: click here

Hy-Vee Pharmacy: click here

Meijer Pharmacy: click here

Please don't forget to upload your COVID-19 Vaccine credentials in the ShiftMed app.

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