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Representing ShiftMed: Showing Up for Shifts!
Representing ShiftMed: Showing Up for Shifts!
This article covers our attendance policy, shift cancellations vs. shift call outs, running late, work expectations, and more!
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At ShiftMed, we want our employees to have access to the widest variety of work opportunities and flexible schedules. But to accomplish this, we – as a team – need to be accountable to one another.

Reliability and quality care mean everything when working with patients. When someone on our team cancels a shift at the last minute, fails to show up to a facility, or arrives late to work, we risk losing community partners and the opportunities those facilities provide to all of us.

Unschedule, Cancel, or Call Out of a Shift

When you claim a shift, it's critical to do everything you can to show up. After all, patients are counting on you. However, we understand unexpected things happen that can prevent you from fulfilling your work obligations. And when they do, please give us as much notice as possible so we can find a replacement.

When you can't make it to a shift, you must notify us directly in the ShiftMed app—just be aware that timing is everything. We classify such instances as unscheduling, canceling, or calling out of a shift.

You can unschedule a shift (more than 72-hour notice) without penalty. On the other hand, shift cancellations (less than 72-hour notice) and shift call outs (less than 24-hour notice) are shift violations that negatively impact your show rate, and repeated violations may impact your ability to claim shifts.

Attendance Policy

A promise is a promise. When you claim a shift, you're promising to show up for your patients. Not to mention, you agreed to our attendance policy when you signed the employee handbook, which states any of the following actions will result in a 14-day suspension:

  • 3 call outs within the same pay period

  • 4 cancellations within the same pay period

  • ANY call out within 2 hours of a shift

  • ANY no call, no show

**Following suspension all HCPs will be on a 30-day probation.

We also take our show rates very seriously. So, if you are an HCP that was recently been taken off suspension remember to only claim shifts that you can work! Until your performance improves, you will be able to claim up to 3 upcoming shifts and only shifts that start within the next 72 hours. Please note, if you have any call outs or no call no shows in the next 30 days, you are subject to termination.

Your show rate can be found in the side menu under your profile picture.

By reinforcing our attendance policy, we enhance the overall ShiftMed experience. Facilities see us as a reliable resource for quality shift fulfillment, patients receive the continuity of care they deserve, and our dedicated healthcare professionals have more shifts to choose from.

Running Late for a Shift

Please do your best to arrive on time. The ShiftMed app tracks your shift check-ins (and check-outs) to ensure you're on time. We count excessive tardiness as being more than 15 minutes late.

If you have excessive tardiness, you may face a suspension. You will not be able to claim shifts during your suspension, and we will cancel your upcoming schedule.

Just so you know, you'll receive a reminder notification 1-hour before your shift starts (be sure your app notifications are turned on). When the app prompts you, please let us know if you'll be ON TIME or are RUNNING LATE.

If your plan was to arrive for your shift on time but get stuck in traffic, please call our Care Center at (800) 485-9002. We answer calls in the order that they're received. So, if you hang up and call back, you'll be at the end of the line.

*Arriving late for one of our Guaranteed Shifts® will forfeit the guarantee of getting paid for the entire shift if the facility decides to send you home.

Fraudulent Check-Ins

ShiftMed monitors all app check-ins, so please do not clock into your shift until you're at the facility. Check-ins that occur more than a mile away from the facility are considered fraudulent.


It is unacceptable to walk out of a healthcare facility during your shift without the expressed permission of a nursing supervisor. A walkout of any kind is considered job abandonment and will result in automatic termination.

If you are having an issue at a healthcare facility, please call (800) 485-9002 to connect with a ShiftMed representative or chat with us directly in the app.

Work Expectations

As a ShiftMed employee, we expect you to complete the tasks assigned by the healthcare facility within their protocols, which include completing all necessary care plans. In addition to completing the basic job requirements, we ask that you professionally conduct yourself by:

  • Refraining from personal cell phone use.

  • Providing safe, high-quality care to patients/residents.

  • Protecting the rights of the patients/residents in your care.

  • Completing your charting.

Also, please remember to:

  • Wear your scrubs and name badge.

  • Check-in and check out at the facility's time clock, if required.

  • Check-in and check out with a nursing supervisor's signature in our app.

Contact With Facility Schedulers

Please do not contact the scheduling team at a healthcare facility regarding your upcoming schedule. Your upcoming shifts are always in the ShiftMed app.

Concerns With a Facility

If you're experiencing an issue at a healthcare facility or have a concern with a specific individual at the facility, please call (800) 485-9002 to connect with a ShiftMed representative or chat with us directly in the app.

Shift Reminders

ShiftMed will NOT call you to remind you about your shifts. However, you will receive reminder notifications from the app 12 hours, 6 hours, and 1 hour before the start of your scheduled shift.

Upon receipt of the 1-hour reminder notification, please indicate if you will be ON TIME or RUNNING LATE (be sure to have your app notifications turned on)/

Arriving at a Facility

When you arrive for a shift, be sure to ask for a nursing supervisor or facility scheduler. Let them know you are from ShiftMed, and they will assign you to work. Also, remember to check in via the ShiftMed app.

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