As you are aware, ShiftMed doesn't have any base rates.  The rate will vary dependent on the day of the week, facility, shift time, etc. Which is why they can always vary.  On average, we pay at least 25% more than a typical nursing home shift rates. We understand this may fluctuate and you have the freedom to choose the rate that you're look for!

During these unprecedented times, ShiftMed has encouraged our partners to offer higher rates or bonuses on key shifts throughout the ShiftMed network.  This is part of our Caregiver Incentive Program. On the ShiftMed mobile app you will see these shifts available for you to claim. ShiftMed is passing 100% of the increase onto you.

There has been great response from partners to date on this with many offering spot bonuses in addition to higher rates of $15 - $50 shift bonuses. Some other partners are offering $100/cash bonus for working a consecutive amount of shifts that you will be made aware of.  The bonus shifts will be indicated like the below in the ShiftMed mobile app.

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