Cancelled shifts are frustrating. There are three contributing factors:

  1. Facilities Own Employees Picks Up

  2. Census Changes

  3. Another Agency Fills the slots first (Important to pickup shifts as soon as you see them in the ShiftMed App!)

ShiftMed knows this very well and does its absolute best to advocate for it's employees. ShiftMed has recently invested in a new ShiftMed Facility Client Portal so that when employees using the ShiftMed App pickup a shift, facilities are now notified in real-time with credentialing packages to confirm right away. This has already led to a substantial increase in shifts being confirmed.

We want the best for our employees so they can do the work they love. To assist with minimizing cancellations, ShiftMed has produced the first ever facility cancellation guide. Using data collected from the ShiftMed App, ShiftMed has ranked facilities near you based upon their cancellation trends for weekdays and weekends from least likely to most likely to cancel. ShiftMed observes a significantly lower cancellation rate on weekends so if you are ever frustrated with a weekday cancellation or a particular facility, please use this guide to help find the best opportunities within ShiftMed to reliably work. We hope this helps.

Browse and claims shifts in the ShiftMed App -

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