While not every state requires healthcare professionals to complete a background check, many do. If you work in a state that requires this credential, you can begin the Checkr background check process in the ShiftMed app.

Checkr is the professional background check service we use to screen healthcare professionals in Maryland, Virginia, Texas, Tennessee, and Missouri. Please be aware that not all states conduct background checks through Checkr—some states use their own background check system and may even require you to obtain fingerprints.

Before you can request a background check, there are other required credentials that must first be submitted and verified, such as your identification, professional license, Form I-9, annual physical, and TB test.

If you try to request a background check without having your other credentials verified, the app will not allow you to make the request. You'll receive a message that says, "We are still waiting on other credentials."

Request Process

Once your required credentials are verified, you can request a background check in the ˈMy Credentialsˈ section of the app by tapping on the ˈBackground Checkˈ credential. From there, the app will prompt you to complete the request process.

Step 1

Enter your personal and contact information into the app.

Step 2

Read the summary of consumer rights. Electronically acknowledge that you read and understood the summary via the check box.

Step 3

Read the disclosure document. Electronically acknowledge that you read and understood the document via the check box. If necessary, you'll also need to acknowledge the receipt of a specific city or state disclosure. For example, California has a separate disclosure from the general background check disclosure.

Step 4

Provide your signature electronically to consent to the background check.

Pending Status

Once you’ve completed the request process, your background check status changes to ˈpendingˈ in the app, and the Checkr flow begins automatically.

While pending in the app, you can see what stage your background check is at by visiting your candidate portal on the Checkr website.

Verified Status

Once your background check is reviewed and cleared, the status will change from ˈpendingˈ to ˈverifiedˈ in the app. The app will let you know when you can start claiming shifts.

If you have questions about the background check process, please contact our Care Center at (800) 485-9002.

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