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ShiftAdvisor℠: Personalized Shift Suggestions
ShiftAdvisor℠: Personalized Shift Suggestions

This in-app feature makes claiming shifts more efficient and enjoyable.

Written by Sarah Knight
Updated over a week ago

Similar to how streaming services suggest movies and shows based on your viewing history, ShiftAdvisor analyzes your work behavior in the app to curate a list of shifts likely to match your preferences. These shifts are carefully selected to maximize your satisfaction and work-life balance.

The ShiftAdvisor algorithm tracks your work history over four months, gathering data to understand your work preferences in terms of day, time, pay, and location. For the algorithm to work, you must have worked at least four shifts during those four months.

So, instead of sifting through countless options in your shift feed, you can tap the ShiftAdvisor tab to view shifts that align with your preferences. And the more you work, the smarter the ShiftAdvisor feature gets.

And just as streaming services continuously refine their recommendations based on your evolving viewing habits, ShiftAdvisor adapts to your changing preferences. So, if your work preferences evolve, our algorithm adjusts to ensure you receive the most relevant shift suggestions.

Sorry Messages

You may receive the message "No shifts available right now" when you tap the ShiftAdvisor tab because the app doesn't have suggestions that match your preferences.

You might also come across a message that says "No matches yet" when you tap ShiftAdvisor, which means the app hasn't learned your preferences because you haven't worked enough shifts.

If you receive either message, select the All Shifts tab and start scrolling to see what shifts are open in your area.


If you have questions about the ShiftAdvisor feature, start a chat with us in the ShiftMed app.

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