Once you have been able to register and login to Paylocity. All ShiftMed employees have access to enter their direct deposit information. As long as your direct deposit information has been entered into Paylocity by Noon EST of each Wednesday, you should expect payment into that account by Friday for hours worked the previous Saturday - Friday.

When you are logged in. To access your direct deposit information. Press the following menu items in this order:

  1. Press Menu

  2. Press Employees

  3. Press Employee Payroll File

  4. Press Payroll Setup

  5. Press Direct Deposit

  6. Select Add New Direct Deposit Account

  7. Enter the following Bank Information - Account Number, Name on Account, and Routing Number - When you save the account information - the bank name will automatically populate.

  8. Then Press Save

We have also provided a helpful video below to help you with this setup.

Please reach out to us via the ShiftMed app or email us at shiftmedpayroll@shiftmed.com if you have any questions!

How to enter direct deposit video:

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