Have you ever been cancelled by ShiftMed or another agency? Our guess is yes as we see cancellations happening more frequently than we would like.

At ShiftMed we wanted to set a new normal for all staff that they have the opportunity each week to find Guaranteed work when it works with their schedule. We know that cancellations is the #1 complaint of our staff and we are so excited to announce our trademarked solution to offer Guaranteed Shifts® to all staff which comes with Guaranteed Pay if the shift is later cancelled!

We hope that this certainty helps to bring you peace of mind of not having to worry about your weekly earnings each week being impacted by cancellations.

Note - Shifts not indicated as Guaranteed are still more likely to get confirmed than cancelled as less than 25% of the shifts each week result in a cancellation.

**Our partner facilities are counting on you for these exclusive shifts. You must arrive on time for guaranteed shifts, complete all assigned tasks, and act professionally. If you are not able to meet these expectations this will forfeit the guarantee of getting paid for the shift, any upcoming shifts and if late may be sent home. The facility also has the right to remove you from upcoming guaranteed shifts. IF you have been suspended or DNR'D from a facility, any additional upcoming shifts will be canceled and not paid out. You must have the credentials required for the facility and not be a current employee; some facilities will decline former employees as well. You also must be able to pass the initial screening or COVID-19 test. If you are sent home due to COVID-19 symptoms or are sick, you will also forfeit the guarantee of getting paid.

Any canceled guaranteed shift will not qualify for the over time rate, as the hours weren't officially worked. You will still be paid the normal rate for these hours.

Here's how it works:

  1. Browse the ShiftMed App for the Guaranteed Badge

2. Select the Guaranteed Shift® that works for your schedule

3. Confirm and Add the Guaranteed Shift® to your My Shifts

4. Sit back and relax! No more worrying about cancellations impacting your weekly earning! If you are later cancelled, you will be paid for the full shift.

Again, what does guaranteed shifts mean for you? Guaranteed means you'll be PAID IN FULL even if the facility cancels on you last minute!

Pick up Guaranteed Shifts® in the ShiftMed App Today!

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