Please note: Due to COVID-19, background checks are taking longer to process than normal. As a measure to control COVID-19's spread many courthouses have been closed, which delays access to information needed to complete some checks resulting in longer processing times.

We at ShiftMed appreciate your patience during this time and will update you throughout your background check processing.

For all South Carolina Healthcare Professionals (CNA, LPN, RN) joining the ShiftMed team, see below for steps to complete your background check.

Background Check Steps:

  1. Once your TB Test, Annual Physical, Identification, and Professional License credentials are all verified by ShiftMed’s credentialing team, you will then be invited to complete your Background Check.

  2. There are different background checks depending on your residency. If you have 12 months continuous residency in the state of South Carolina, ShiftMed will complete a SLED Background Check. However, if you do not have 12 month continuous residency then you will receive an email invitation to complete your Background Check through Checkr.

  3. Checkr is ShiftMed's trusted background check provider. This email will come from

    1. You can search your inbox for the subject line: “ShiftMed has asked Checkr to run your background check". See below for a picture of the email.

  4. You must complete this form in order to continue your Background Check process.

  5. Once this form has been completed, ShiftMed will receive the results from Checkr within a few business days. Your profile will be updated with the results to complete your background check credential.

Checkr BG Check Email: (only for applicants that do not have 12 months continual residency in the state of South Carolina)

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