Low Cancel Rate Badge

How to quickly identify facilities that rarely cancel on our healthcare professionals.

Written by Tyler Robertson
Updated over a week ago

Whether it involves your work or personal life, you probably don't like being cancelled at the last minute. Your time is important, and your commitment to patient care shouldn't be taken for granted—enter the Low Cancel Rate Badge.

When scrolling through your shift feed, look for this badge. What does it signify? It means the facility posting the shift rarely cancels on our healthcare professionals, so you can confidently build your work schedule.

And just like your show rate updates in the app, so does a facility’s cancel rate. So, if a facility is no longer considered a low-cancel option, the badge will not appear in your feed—and this can fluctuate from week to week. Also, note that a facility may be considered low-cancel for RNs but not CNAs. Be sure to check the shift details to see if this applies to you.

Guaranteed Shifts® + Low Cancel Rate Badge

You've essentially hit the jackpot when you encounter a Guaranteed Shift at a low-cancel facility! Because if the shift gets cancelled—which it probably won't—you still get paid for all the hours the facility scheduled you to work.

Pro Tip: A Guaranteed Shift will not display a Low Cancel Rate badge in the shift feed. The fact that it's guaranteed takes precedence. Find out if the facility has a low cancel rate in the shift details.


If you have questions about our Low Cancel Rate badge, ping us at (800) 485-9002 or start a chat with us in the app.

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