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Double Shifts: Commute Once, Get Paid Twice
Double Shifts: Commute Once, Get Paid Twice

In-app feature makes finding and working double shifts virtually effortless.

Written by Sarah Knight
Updated over a week ago

This feature is unavailable in California due to the state's daily overtime laws.

If working double shifts is your jam, this in-app feature saves you time and energy trying to identify such opportunities. When you claim a single shift at a facility, our system automatically searches for a qualifying second shift at that location, including shifts with a 30-minute overlap.

For example, if the original shift you claimed runs from 7 am to 3 pm, the system would send you a second shift opportunity from 2:30 pm to 11 pm at the same facility.

When a double-shift opportunity exists, it only applies to the same facility. You can claim both shifts or stick to the one you initially claimed. If a double shift doesn't display in the app, it's due to one of the following reasons:

  • The facility doesn't have a second shift available.

  • You've maxed out the number of hours you can work in a week.

Clocking In and Out of Double Shifts

You must clock in and out for your first shift using the ShiftMed app and then do the same for your second shift. And remember to get the nursing supervisor's signature when clocking out.

Side Note: You need a nursing supervisor's signature at clock out to qualify for Next Day Pay® or ShiftMed Instant Pay™.

Next Day Pay and Instant Pay Eligibility

When you work a double shift, remember you can only make one Next Day Pay or Instant Pay request per day. Therefore, we recommend making the request after you work your second shift to get the most money in your pocket. Friday overnight shifts where clock out occurs on Saturday aren't eligible for either service.


If you have a question about the double-shifts feature, start a chat with us in the ShiftMed app.

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